(Supported by local radio stations C89.5 and 88.1 “The Burg”)

What happens when you take the intricate melodies of Avicii, the warm atmosphere of Alesso, the epic sounds of Tiesto and synthesize them all into one?

You get DJ Veaux.

A quickly-rising producer hailing from the almost always overcast city of Seattle, the musical timbres of Colin Warn (alter ego DJ Veaux) are anything but fitting for the climate surrounding him. At only seventeen years of age and with just over a year of production experience; DJ Veaux has surpassed all expectations by earning for himself an EP release on iTunes, a victory in the “One Foot Deep” remix competition, and airplay for a handful of his remixes and originals on C89.5 and 88.1 “The Burg”. In addition, he has received international support by being featured on breakout Brazilian DJ group “Pandora House Inc.’s” podcast “Smash the Box”. His song “Cowboy Space Tunnel” has also been featured on the renowned YouTube channel of Britain’s very own Ellaskins.

Under the shimmer and glamour of a rising alter-ego however lies a humble, down-to-the-earth teenager who has one big dream: To make his hobby of producing melodic/uplifting electronic music his profession. The road at first seemed like an impossible one as then fifteen-year old Colin Warn had two things fighting against him: No musical background and no experience with a musical instrument or music theory whatsoever. The odds were stacked against him yet almost miraculously he developed the ability to produce uplifting/euphoric melodies; an ability that one could say could’ve only come from heaven itself. Come his 16th birthday, Colin signed his first record deal.

Following the record deal Colin’s alter ego received international praise reaching from Mexico to Great Britain to even the promise land of electronic music: The Netherlands. He began to produce remixes for the likes of Tiesto, Capital Cities, 3LAU, Bad Boy Bill and many more. His ability to produce these stellar remixes earned him the honor of hearing two of them airplay on local high-school based radio station C89.5 and on the local college radio station 88.1 “The Burg”. In addition to his remixes, DJ Veaux’s original tracks released and unreleased have been getting a plethora of support from the very same radio stations and YouTube channels that have supported his euphoric remixes.

So what does the future hold for DJ Veaux? One can never say for certain but it could be quite similar to his music: Bright, uplifting and optimistic.

If you are interested in getting his press kit or would like to book/interview him follow this link to his contact page:


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