New Podcast Announcement!

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Sound Cáfe.

    That’s going to be the name of my newest podcast series.  And for those of you who were one of the few people who actually took a few minutes to hear my 15 year old voice in my old “Memories Podcast” and then proceeded to hit that conveniently placed ‘x’ button at the top right corner of your browser, be assured that this one is not going to go down in flames like that…

     Joking aside, I’m really excited to announce the start of this podcast!  The scope of this podcast takes some of its inspiration from my previous “Memories Podcast”.  Only this time I’m opening its underground-feel to all genres of EDM, techno, whatever the heck you want to call the style of music.  

And in addition to this, all of the tracks featured in this podcast will be from local Northwest producers.

     My goal right now is to release a new episode every month, though if I get enough tracks from local producers I may start releasing a couple of episodes per month.  So if you want to hear more episodes, TELL ALL YOUR LOCAL NORTHWESTERN EDM PRODUCERS TO SEND ME THEIR TRACKS.

     I’m hoping that if/when this podcast gets off the ground, people will flock to hit its play button to hear the latest and greatest from talented producers around the Northwest.  I’ve just finished recording the mix for the first episode, now all I have to do is record a chessy intro, some cheesy podcast splashes, and it should be up for your ears to feast upon.

    If you’d like to be informed on the day of its release, just like me on Facebook or shoot an email to me at and I’ll be sure to notify you when its released!

All the best!

– DJ Veaux


P.S.  Also, to Northwest Producers if you have any tracks you’d like to hear in my podcast just shoot them to my email or Facebook and I’ll give them a consideration for my podcast.



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