Some links to help new producers get started

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I get asked the “where do I start as a producer” question a lot.  So to save myself from repeating what I’ve said over and over again, I’ll just post a few links that have really helped me learn the foundations as a producer.  A quick side-note however:  Many of these links are FL studio friendly so I will be sure to note which ones are catered toward FL Studio users and which ones are catered toward producers in general.

A thorough one month course that really lays the foundation for any producer and explains in depth everything from a compressor to recording techniques.  A must attend for anyone who is serious about producing and wants to establish a good foundation.

The fabfilter youtube channel, though its tutorials are specifically oriented for their plugins, is very good for learning about a bit more advanced topics such as good equing techniques and good mastering techniques.  Pretty much everything I’ve needed to know about the two said things above can be attributed to the knowledgeable instructors on fabfilter’s youtube channel.

For your FL Studio users.  He’s a young teenager who has done a very good job of compiling some tutorials on producing.  He’s uses very elementary language due to his age, however the content is still quite good.

Another FL studio specific site, though it’s music theory tutorials are very easy to learn. This is coming from the guy who has had no musical experience until about a year ago and had to quickly learn everything from musical notes, to music theory, so if I could learn everything that I needed to know within a few months from this guy it might not be such a bad idea to hit this website up.

Another great link for FL Studio users.


Hope these links help you guys out!  Be sure to follow my blog for more helpful tips/interviews on producing and the like!


-DJ Veaux


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